field day

field day
1. (military) a day for military exercises and display
Hypernyms: ↑day
2. a day for outdoor athletic competition
Hypernyms: ↑day
3. a time of unusual pleasure and success
Hypernyms: ↑time period, ↑period of time, ↑period
4. a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering
Syn: ↑outing, ↑picnic
Hypernyms: ↑vacation, ↑holiday

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a. : a day when troops are given exercises or maneuvers in the field
b. : an outdoor get-together held for entertainment and relaxation

the annual field day of a company union

c. : a day of open-air sports and athletic competition (as in schools)
2. : a thorough general cleaning in the navy
a. : an occasion marked usually by extreme fun or hilarity

the children had a field day when the teacher left the room

b. : an occasion or opportunity for unrestrained ridicule

the newspapers had a field day with the scandal

c. : a period when full opportunity suddenly, unexpectedly, or finally appears to unleash and satisfy natural powers, thwarted ability, or restrained desire

the artillery had a field day with the retreating infantry

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1. a day devoted to outdoor sports or athletic contests, as at a school.
2. an outdoor gathering; outing; picnic.
3. a day for military exercises and display.
4. an occasion or opportunity for unrestricted activity, amusement, etc.: The children had a field day with their new skateboards.

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field day noun
1. A day when troops are taken out for instruction in field exercises
2. A day spent on outdoor activities
3. Any period of great activity, success or enjoyment
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field day UK US noun [countable] [singular field day plural field days] american
a sports day
Thesaurus: sports events and competitionshyponym general words relating to sports and gamessynonym

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field day,
1. a day for outdoor sports, games, and athletic contests.
2. a day when soldiers or airmen perform drills, mock fights, or flyovers.
3. Figurative. a day of unusual activity, display, or success: »

The children were having a field day at the beach, swimming and digging in the sand. The rally provided a field day for the new fashion of lapel buttons (Alistair Cooke).

4. a day when explorations, scientific investigations, or the like, such as of a learned society, are carried on in the field.

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1) Military a review or an exercise, esp. in maneuvering
2) a day devoted to athletic contests or other sporting events, typically at a school
3) [in sing.] an opportunity for action, success, or excitement, esp. at the expense of others

shoplifters are having a field day in the store

4) a day set aside for the display of agricultural machinery and crops, esp. corn and soybeans

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noun, pl ⋯ days [count]
: a day of outdoor sports and athletic competition for school children

the fifth grade's annual field day

: to get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from doing something
— used especially to describe getting enjoyment from criticizing someone, making fun of someone, etc.

If word of his involvement in this scandal ever leaks out, the newspapers are going to have a field day.

Journalists have had a field day with this scandal.

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ˈfield day f69 [field day field days] (NAmE) (BrE ˈsports day) noun
a special day at school when there are no classes and children compete in sports events
See also:sports day

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